How to Build your Online Business Offline

I talk a lot about getting leads through online methods, Facebook ads, instagram and solo ads. These methods involve the Internet and take a little bit of technical knowledge to implement and others require you to put your hand in your pocket to pay for traffic. . Today’s blog is about the simplest, easiest way to get online leads offline that anyone can start doing immediately and for very little money.

What Makes a Good Lead?

In the words or Ray Higdon

“A good Lead is someone who is looking for more.”

We all know people who would benefit from having more money and more freedom.  However if they have given up the fight and accept their fate usually don’t make the best leads.  You need to look for the people who want more. More time, more freedom, more quality of life, more money, whatever their MORE is, they have to have the basic hunger and desire for something more in their life.

Best Offline Way to Get MLM Leads

The best way of getting leads is attending local meetings and grabbing the contact information of the attendees and following up with them.

Here is how it works

  1. Use and find local meetings that would typically include people “… who is looking for more.” these could include property developing groups, stock investing groups or law of attraction groups.
  2. Attend the meeting and collect business cards. Don’t talk about your business or opportunity.
  3. Grab as many business cards as you can try not to stop and talk to anybody appart from giving your name and “Listen, I have to go and meet someone over there but I did not want to miss the chance to get your contact information as I heard you talking earlier”
  4. Call every business card but before doing so have a look at their information and do a quick google search.  ask them these three questions:
    (A) How long they have been doing what they are doing?
    (B) How they got into that line of work?
    (C) What is the perfect type of prospect for them in case you run into anyone that fits their description? Let them talk, be genuinely interested  If you let them talk long enough you can usually pinpoint an area of desire or problem such as, “with the market doing what it is doing” or “been putting in a lot of hours”
  5. Have them expand on their desire, need or problem. “You mentioned the market has changed, has that been tough to deal with?” Let them talk and tell you whatever it is they have a current problem with.
  6. Give a possible solution using their language. LHere is an example from Ray Higden:

“Jim you mentioned that you were working more hours now with the market doing what it is doing and the truth is I work with a lot of professionals that are in the same exact boat. If I could show you a way to start generating some extra money without interfering with your current job, would you be open to taking a look?”

Use capture page with a slight takeaway. Most marketers make dumb promises when they are introducing their business. If they learned to do a bit of a takeaway, their results would skyrocket. Here is an example:

“Jim, I want you to keep in mind that this may or may not be for you. I meet professionals like you all the time that make a decision to work with me but either way, it is certainly great having you as a new contact. I have a brief video I can send over to you, how soon can you take a look at it?”

Why it Works So Well

People like people who follow up.  “I said I’d call you and I have”  people like that.  I remember being offered a job once just because I followed up.  People do business with people they know like and trust and following up helps to build that,  you weren’t the guy that was trying on the hard sales pitch.

Finally  Only people who want more would be bothered to go to a breakfast meeting at 8am or leave the house on a rainy November night.


you can read the inspiration for this blog here <<


13 Reasons Why You Need A Facebook Fan Page

1. Firstly a Facebook FAN page is FREE!

When you start a business it can seem that the world and his brother has their hands in your pocked even before you start to make money.  Well a Fan Page is Free to create and cost shouldn’t be a problem in getting some Facebook love.

2. No limits

There are no limits to the number of FANS you can have. Unlike a normal Facebook profile where you are capped at 5000 friends.

3. Schedule future posts

You can schedule future posts by picking the Day/Time/Month and put your engagement on auto Pilot!

4. Promote events.

Promote events. Webinars. Live streams.

5. Communicate with your target audience

A Facebook FAN page gives you the ability to talk to and get feedback from your audience (Target
audience/future prospects).  Just like a user profile, you can update your fans with posts and statuses that will appear in their news feed.

6. Top 3 sites visited Daily

Facebook is always within the top 3 sites visited on the daily web. Its a SEO monster when it comes to organic searches via search engines such as Google.

7. Control of design

You are in total control of design if you wish by using Facebook’s version of HTML. (FBML).  If you want to of course

8. Create your brand

You can create your brand and community.

9. Facebook ads

You can easily promote it with tools provided by Facebook. (Schedule future posts. Boost posts to hit top of friends news feeds).

10. Analytics

Facebook analytics gives you useful information about your fans and their interactions.

11. Build a community

You can build a powerful community for your clientsand prospects. Through daily, weekly activity and engagement.

12. Web traffic

Your Facebook FAN page is another way to direct traffic to your website/blog.

13. Free Pictures and Video hosting

Many places charge huge dollars to host and store Pictures and Video’s. Facebook does this for FREE!

Here’s the simple way to make money on Facebook




4 Dirty Email Marketing Hacks That Work

I got these hacks from one of my traffic guys and as they sends out hundred of thousands emails then they should know their stuff.  Remember in email marketing an increase in open rates and clicks can is the difference between making money and not.

Now they may seem ridiculous but try them out in your emails and see if they work for you.

Special Characters In Subject Lines

Before emoji s there was unicode and email providers allow you to use them in your subject lines. You can see some examples here, but I’ve also included a screen capture below

I simply copy and paste the Unicode I’d like to display into your subject line before you sending myt email.

They key with this is to keep the unicode relevant.  If you do that, it’s possible to see double your open rate.

Resend To Unopens

Sadly, this isn’t possible with every autoresponder.  Check the help area of yours to see if you can do this.

It’s early morning and you send out an email to your list.  You get a 20% open rate and a 10% click through rate.

While those numbers are normal, they suck.

A smart way to improve your results is to resend the same email later on in the day with a new subject line to those that didn’t open the first email.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, you could do something similar with anyone that didn’t click.

For those that didn’t click, give them new reasons to click the link and see what you’ve sent them.

Ask For Replies And Read Them

Roughly 75% of the time I’ve done this, I’ve made money.

Send a brief email asking a question related to something you sell:

“Hey NAME,

If you recently ordered PRODUCT, why did you get it?

If you didn’t order it for yourself, why not?

Just hit the reply button.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



There are numerous benefits to this, but the first is sales.

If people are replying to a message like the one above, they’re interested.  You just haven’t done a good enough job of selling them.

Take this opportunity to address their concerns and conquer them.

This also lets you see what your biggest objections are.  If you discover what they are, you can build things that are designed to overcome them into your sales messages.

Video/Image Trick

This is sneaky and if you do it wrong, you’ll upset people.

We’re so used to watching video online that we naturally click a video’s play button.

Since we can’t (yet) embed videos into an email, use an image of the video instead.  

For this to work, you’re going to have to have the video be one of the first things they see.

As long as you do that, you’ll see people clicking the image like crazy.

The Best Diet and Supplement Regime to Combine With NowLifeStyle and HIIT Training?

The Best Diet and Supplement Regime to Combine With HIIT

So you just discovered NowLifeStyle and HIIT Training?

No doubt you’re loving just how easy it is to get a fat burning, calorie melting workout in now and you’re getting a kick out of pushing yourself so hard.

But while you’re probably feeling great, you should know that fat loss and muscle gain do not happen in the gym or on the track. Rather, they happen in the kitchen. If you really want to make the very most of NowLifeStyle and HIIT Training, then you should combine it with the right diet…

The Basics – Calories In, Calories Out

The great thing about NowLifeStyle is that it is a form of MetCon – metabolic conditioning. That is to say that it doesn’t just burn calories while you’re training, it also increases your calorie burn at rest by making your cells more efficient at burning through fat stores and sugars. Thus, even when you’re resting, you’re going to lose more weight.

But you still need to try and calculate this as much as you can and to do that, you need to figure out a rough ‘AMR’ – the total number of calories you burn in a day (this stands for ‘Active Metabolic Rate’). Likewise, you should track the calories you’re taking the NowLifestyle website what this will then allow you to do, is to make sure you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning off. If you do this, then you should lose weight – and especially with the metabolic benefits.

Carb Backloading

Some people will tell you that it is important to reduce carbs – at least the simple kind. That’s because carbs spike the blood sugar and your body responds by producing insulin, absorbing that sugar and then storing it as fat.  If you are a Diabetic like me carbs spike the blood sugar and I need to guess how much insulin i need to inject into my body.  Too little, cell damage and long term complications. Too much, a diabetic coma then death.  That might sound extreme but put simply that’s the way it is.

If you’re concerned about this, you can try something called ‘carb backloading’. Here, you simply consume complex carbs only immediately following a workout. This wouldn’t work with aerobic training but with a 7 minute NowLifeStyle it will deplete the glycogen stores in your muscles. Thus, the priority of your body will become refuelling those glycogen stores, meaning that you’ll be less likely to store the excess energy as fat!

This way, you can still enjoy your carbs but without the guilt!


One supplement that makes a lot of sense in conjunction with a HIIT workout program is creatine. That’s because creatine allows you to recycle ATP in your system, which in turn means you can rely on the ATP-CP energy system just a little longer. This in turn means that you can go all out for a second or so more when performing the high intensity portion of your workouts. That’s a big difference and it will result in better results. All that and creatine has also been shown to add muscle (by increasing water retention in the muscles) and to boost IQ!

Meanwhile, you can also try other supplements that will enhance your cellular energy. Popular choices include l-carnitine, CoQ10 and omega 3.

You don’t need any supplements, but adding a little l-carnitine and creatine can only help you see results faster!


Why Does My Body Feel Bad After Exercise ?

Why Does Exercise Feel Bad?

Many people will try and tell you that exercise will feel really good. Not Me after 48 years of motivated inactivity it’s going to hurt.  Normally people will try and tell you that exercise will feel really good have something to sell but they can also include friends and colleagues who seem to have an unhealthy love of exercise and want to recommend it to everyone that they meet.  This can be summed up by that funny quip “first rule of cross fit… Speak about Crossfit”

I know different. When you first start trying to exercise on a regular basis it is far from fun. Sure, there might be some ‘gym high’ effect, but most of us have never lasted long enough to encounter it. Instead, we get the feeling of sickness, the ‘burn’, muscle cramp and more.

Why does this happen?

The Burn

Let’s look at the ‘burn’ sensation first. Often you will hear bodybuilders talking about this sensation as though it were magical and highly desirable. Some even go as far as to say it’s highly pleasurable (*cough* Arnie *cough*). Whether or not that is true is somewhat debatable but where exactly does it come from?

Specifically, the burn is caused by the build-up of metabolites in the muscles. This is partly the result of blood and oxygen being pumped into the muscles to provide fuel and nutrients. The more you use your muscle, the more this build-up occurs. Simultaneously, the contraction of the muscle also ‘traps’ the blood in that area, causing it to pool.

Meanwhile, by-products are created as a result of the glycogen lactic acid system. All this can eventually result in a painful sensation that some people believe is a key indicator that you have done enough to trigger growth.


The other thing you’ll notice and particularly when taking part in cardio workouts (HIIT even moreso) is that you start to feel somewhat sick. This is again due to the build-up of metabolites and lactate, this time in the bloodstream.

It is thought that the body responds to this increased lactate by feeling sick and that this might even be a signal that the body uses to force you to reduce the intensity of your workouts. Lactate is only really created during very intensive training sessions and as such, it is most likely to occur when you push yourself. Eventually this leads to the ‘lactate inflection point’ which is the most lactate you can manage in your bloodstream. When that happens, you’re ready to slow down and return to an aerobic state.


DOMS stands for ‘Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness’ and is the pain you get the next day following intense training. Again, there is some debate over what precisely causes DOMS but it’s generally agreed that it has to do with ‘microtears in the muscle’. That is to say that making small tears in the muscle fiber not only trigger subsequent repair and thus growth but also cause discomfort as essentially these are very minor injuries!

Regular Old Pain…
And of course workouts can also just hurt. When you’re curling weights, you’ll find that you rub the skin on your hands painfully. When you’re jogging, you’ll jolt your joints and also your feet inside your shoes…
Training hurts… But the more you do it, the less it will start to hurt!

Thats why this 48 year old has signed up For NowLifeStyle and you can also sign up for a free account here

How NowLifestyle and Improves Fat Loss

If you’ve read just about any fitness blog, magazine or website in recent years, then you’ll likely have come across High Intensity Interval Training in it’s essence this is what Nowlifestyle is HIIT plus Nutrition.

HIIT: high intensity interval training. Sprinting at maximum heartrate for a short period of time and then switching to a slower form of exercise for a couple of minutes to recover before starting the whole cycle again.

This type of training is all the rage because it is known to burn more calories in less time when compared with steady state cardio. And it’s great for our VO2 max, mitochondrial function and more.

But why? How does it work? What makes it so special?

What Happens When You Push it Hard

When you engage in HIIT, you start out by pushing hard and going at or near to your maximum heart rate. This is what makes all the difference, as now you are depleting your body of all of its readily available energy in order to drive those fast twitch muscle fibers. This is anaerobic training and it relies on ATP stored in the muscles, as well as glycogen.

After this, you then switch to your regular exercise at around 70% of your maximum heart rate. This is a steady pace that you can maintain, that burns fat using the aerobic system and that allows you to recover and reduce the lactate and other metabolites that build up in your blood during intensive exercise.

Welcome to After Burn

Steady state cardio is normally something you can maintain for a long time before you start to tire out and this is why a lot of people will exercise by running at a steady pace for 40-60 minutes.

If you do this after having done high intensity training however, you will be running at a point when you have very little available energy in your muscles and in your blood. All the glycogen has been used up and thus you have to rely even more on fat in order to keep going. Your body becomes more efficient at burning fat and you see greater benefits from the short amount of training that comes after.

But this isn’t even the best bit. What’s so good about the NowLifestyle program is that this after burn effect continues for hours after you finish training. You’re now going about your usual activities with less glycogen, which means you’ll burn more fat even to do regular things like picking up a fork, or walking across the room!

Athletic Benefits

The NowLifestyle Program is also great for numerous other reasons. For starters, the explosive nature of the training means that you’re involving your fast twitch muscle fibers. This means that you’ll release more anabolic hormones like growth hormone and like testosterone, leading to more growth. And because you’re not completely relying on your blood sugar, you’re not going to go into as catabolic a state and risk burning fat.

Another benefit of the Nowlifestyle program is that it improves your energy efficiency. Because you’re pushing your cells to make energy more quickly, they become better at doing just that – improving your health, fitness and athletic performance across the board!


The Secret Of Getting Moving, Staying Fit, And Motivated

When it comes to staying or getting fit, motivation probably hard to come by. As summer changes winter  our motivation to stay in shape. Christmas, cold winter days, and mobile phones keep us from drudging up the motivation to get in shape or maintain a daily routine of exercise is very difficult

Heart disease, stroke or diabetes is just some of the unhealthy affects of inactivity in the body. The good news is that studies show without discrepancy that these affects can be prevented or reversed; meaning that switching from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one can be extremely beneficial over time. Exercise alone, without change in diet, can greatly reduce the risks for these diseases even in small amounts. Doing what ever you can to increase your motivation to exercise is the first step to overcoming the lack of motivation to actually do it. Any of the arrays of methods to motivate you will be of great importance. Listening to music while running, simply finding out the exercises that you truly enjoy, setting particular times when exercise is the main focus of the day, all help you to stay motivated to stay in motion. Developing a habit or pattern for exercising is the best way to stay motivated; your body will become accustomed to working out heavy at a certain time each and every time. Your mind posses the ability to create positive ideas that leads to positive actions allowing you to live a strong and healthy life. Positive self talk can do wonders for motivation as well as just viewing the results of previous attempts (i.e. thinner waistline, six pack, etc). Self encouragement is the ultimate motivation. You’ll have no one to thank but yourself.

If you are looking for a great support group and outstanding health leadership please join the Facebook group

Fitness motivation is the essential part of changing your body, so creating a fitness motivation plan maybe the answer for you. For men, setting goals and providing adequate challenges work best. Changing scenery from indoors to outdoors may be the answer. If you just don’t feel like exercising or giving up on an established routine, constantly reminding yourself that the pay off is great will help. Psychological benefits like increased confidence, self-esteem, and relief from anxiety, stress and depression and better sexual performance can be all the motivation that’s needed. Remaining realistic about your goals will also aid in the fight to stay motivated to exercise. Setting a goal that is extremely difficult to obtain is depleting and counterproductive. Achieving a challenging appropriate goal boosts pride, satisfaction and will create more motivation. Making the exercise routine fun by adding variety in routines, exercises, or persons that you exercise with is a likely way to stick to any exercise routine.

If your are looking for health advantages and the secrets to sculpting a new and better you. has been design and created to help you achieve your long term goals. Placing health, wealth and wellness at the top for you.

If you are not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to fitness issues, the coaches at NowLifeStyle will help you out with your routine. This can take a lot of the mystery out of getting fit.

Setting attainable goals, adding things to increase enjoyment of the exercise routine, challenges, and the addition of a buddy to assist are all great ways to stay motivated, stay fit, and most importantly stay moving. You will benefit in the short term, and in the long run as well with physical and mental benefits in almost every way.

NowLifeStyle provides free buddy accounts for friends and family members so everyone can stay fit and be encouraged to do so.