30 day MLM Prospecting Challenge – How to get results in Network Marketing

Just watched a Youtube video by Todd Falcone The top 5 MLM coach.  He talked about the The 30-Day Prospecting Challenge.  So I’ve decided to take him up on it but call it the 30 day MLM Prospecting Challenge. So what is it?  It’s designed to help MLMers and network marketers come to grips with their personal activity levels…or lack thereof.

Double Digits a Day Keep the Commission Checks on their Way! ~ Todd Falcone

Here’s what Todd found.

Lots of people “kid” themselves into believing that they are active, engaged and involved in business building activities in their network marketing businesses. In fact…I’ve consulted MANY people who, after having chatted with them, come to the simple realization that they aren’t really even actively building.

I guess there’s no point in being in MLM / network marketing or any other business for that matter and not being productive. MLM / Network marketing requires a high-level of personal accountability and personal production.

Todd says this all the time when speaking in front of audiences about achieving success in network marketing:

The #1 activity that directly contributes to revenue and sales is prospecting: EXPOSURE.

If any of you reading this have ever seen Todd on stage, you’ve very likely heard him talk about this simple accountability, eye-opening exercise where he has everybody in the room “Draw a Box” on a piece of paper and write in the number of new people they talked to that day about their business.

The reason I’m doing this today is because coming to grips on your consistent, day-in and day-out activity levels is something that you MUST DO. If you’re not consistently putting numbers on the board, you’re really not even in business.

So…here’s how this 30-Day MLM  Prospecting Challenge works:

Open and save the Google docs document  I’ve put in this post, and for the next 30-days finish your day by putting in the number of new people you talked to that day about your business. Not follow ups, not talking to your sponsor…only NEW exposures.

Here’s the the Google docs document for you to Download and Print Out…


The LIGHT will go on for many of you reading this when you have the chance to see how much actual personal prospecting time you are spending on your business. It certainly did for me

The entire purpose of the 30-Day MLM Prospecting Challenge is to dramatically increase your awareness when it comes to your personal production. As they say,

“the first step toward creating change is…awareness.”

And, this 30-Day MLM  Prospecting Challenge will absolutely do the trick for you.

When you know how active…or inactive you are, then you can begin to make necessary changes or improvements to get better results in your business.

Take the 30-Day MLM Prospecting Challenge and start seeing bigger results in your business!

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This has been inspired and modled 100% from Todd Falcones original blog post HERE

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