13 Reasons Why You Need A Facebook Fan Page

1. Firstly a Facebook FAN page is FREE!

When you start a business it can seem that the world and his brother has their hands in your pocked even before you start to make money.  Well a Fan Page is Free to create and cost shouldn’t be a problem in getting some Facebook love.

2. No limits

There are no limits to the number of FANS you can have. Unlike a normal Facebook profile where you are capped at 5000 friends.

3. Schedule future posts

You can schedule future posts by picking the Day/Time/Month and put your engagement on auto Pilot!

4. Promote events.

Promote events. Webinars. Live streams.

5. Communicate with your target audience

A Facebook FAN page gives you the ability to talk to and get feedback from your audience (Target
audience/future prospects).  Just like a user profile, you can update your fans with posts and statuses that will appear in their news feed.

6. Top 3 sites visited Daily

Facebook is always within the top 3 sites visited on the daily web. Its a SEO monster when it comes to organic searches via search engines such as Google.

7. Control of design

You are in total control of design if you wish by using Facebook’s version of HTML. (FBML).  If you want to of course

8. Create your brand

You can create your brand and community.

9. Facebook ads

You can easily promote it with tools provided by Facebook. (Schedule future posts. Boost posts to hit top of friends news feeds).

10. Analytics

Facebook analytics gives you useful information about your fans and their interactions.

11. Build a community

You can build a powerful community for your clientsand prospects. Through daily, weekly activity and engagement.

12. Web traffic

Your Facebook FAN page is another way to direct traffic to your website/blog.

13. Free Pictures and Video hosting

Many places charge huge dollars to host and store Pictures and Video’s. Facebook does this for FREE!

Here’s the simple way to make money on Facebook




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